M Trudh

 Photo: Martin Bohm

I´m an extrovert hermit who needs to paint.

Many years ago I decided to follow my inner joy and that decision has now lead me to painting. My hands are my main tools, but I also use rubber spatulas, pieces of cloths and occasionally paintbrushes. And I love to play with Posca pens. I´m inspired by colors, structures, feelings, flowers, trees, humans and spirituality.

I love meeting with people - when I´m not in my hermit phase, then I love being a hermit. When I paint I listen to a deep inner knowing that surpasses the intellect. For me it is true that we all have an inner knowing, a place where we just know what is true for us. It is that place in you I hope my art will speak to – your inner knowing. I am an autodidact and have been told that my curiosity is my craft.

I live in Vasteras, Sweden.

Margareta Trudh Bogren


September 22nd, 2020

My new website is released, wohoo!  Being in front of a camera isn´t my favourite place to be, but the best photographer, Martin Bohm, made me feel safe and comfortable. After a while it was even fun to be photgraphed. Who would have believed that?!

Welcome to me and my ARTwork!

August 2020

I spent two weeks alone in a small cottage in the countryside in order to give myself time and space to hear what my soul wanted to convey to me. What interesting conversations we had! I gained insights and new ideas, thank you so much.  
I also painted. 

My very first art exhibition

was on the 8th of December 2019 at my studio. And my exhibition was only lasting one day, a vernissage and finissage at the very same day.  What a fun party that was, lots of people, lots of joy, lots of love.
And do you know what?  Five paintings found new homes. 
Happy, happy!